5 money-saving tips when traveling overseas

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Aynari Garcia

Pick a budget-friendly destination

Granted, you may want to go to some of the more popular cities and enjoy yourself there. However, those cities will likely charge you more for a visit based on how high the prices are due to demand. So, you may want to pass on those in order to get the most while paying the least for your trip. There are many other cities, and countries, that are beautiful and most importantly budget friendly. According to Be My Travel Muse, in countries like Egypt, Namibia and Albania, you can spend up to $50 each day while enjoying your time there depending on how independently you are willing to travel. Additionally, these countries are also currently accepting American travelers, as long as they can meet a negative test requirement. Of course, this is subject to change. Therefore, make sure to check on U.S. News regularly to be sure that you are able to travel safely to your desired destination.

Try to Walk

The most acquainted you’ll become with a city is by walking through it. If you truly love to acclimate yourself, there is nothing better than being amongst the locals on your venture. We recommend taking public transportation as much as possible if certain areas are too far for walking. This way, you won’t have to spend too much money on taxis or other forms of transportation.

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Travel off-season

A great tip to ensure that your trip will not be too overpriced is to travel on what we’re going to call the off-season. Usually, during its peak, prices on airfare, hotels and hostels alike, and sites or attractions all rise due to there being a high demand.

Think of it this way: Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a busy place. On the weekends or during holidays, you can expect Disney World to have more people than if it were, say, a weekday in which most parents are at work and their kids are at school. Now, when traveling to other countries, prices of flights and tourism will be higher during the on season, much like there being an influx of people at Disney World during the weekends or holidays.

It’s standard for there to be a rise in prices during peak seasons of traveling. If you don’t have any stipulations about the time of year you can travel, then we would advise to make every attempt to travel during the off-season.

No Souvenirs

Now, this may be the simplest tip of all. But, if you want to save as much money as possible, we recommend not to make any unnecessary purchases. Only buy something if you know you absolutely need it. Essentially, do your best to quell the urge to shop throughout your trip.

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Get a Card with no Foreign Transaction Fees

Now, another way to make sure you save the most money while traveling is by considering applying for a credit card that has no foreign transaction fees. For some, about 2-3% of each purchase may not be breaking the bank. However, there are others who understand you’ll likely be eating out most of the time, potentially paying for transportation and for lodging whether its in a hostel or hotel, not to mention admission for some of the sites and attractions in the location you’re traveling. That little percentage adds up. Therefore, if you want to make every effort to save as much money as possible, definitely consider getting a card with no foreign transaction fees. We know that Nerd Wallet made up a list of cards that they deem to be the best for this use, which you can see by clicking here. Essentially, research the cards that will work best for you.

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If you have any other tips for how you can save money while traveling overseas, let us know in the comments!

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