5 Shows That Will Inspire You To Travel

Television shows are at the epicenter of entertainment. While enjoyable to watch, most of them can also inspire people to try something new, like with something as simple as baking a cake or as monumental as choosing a specific field for one’s career. Well, this particular list of shows will inspire you to travel!

  1. The Amazing Race…

Is a show that incorporates travel as its competitors travel around the world completing various tasks in order to win the race. While the focus of this show is focused on the challenges each of the competitors have to complete as quickly as possible, there is something to be said about the amazing places the competitors travel to in the duration of this competition. In just one season – which is usually filmed in about 21 days – the winning competitors will have travelled around 250,000 miles. As someone who loves the show, it’s difficult to not feel the urge to book a flight to, well, anywhere after watching.


  1. Somebody Feed Phil…

Is about Phil Rosenthal traveling the world to try local food from various places. With every episode, Phil explores a different city and immerses himself in the culture while gushing over the food. Phil provides a point of view that doesn’t seem to know or pretend to know everything about the culture surrounding him. This makes you feel like you’re exploring the location with him while he professes he is tasting the best dish of his life with most of the meals he tries. Then, all you can think about is getting your hands on that delicious meal, even if it is just a slice of pizza, or a hamburger, or a cup of coffee.

  1. The Kindest Diaries…

Is about travel, but with a bit of a twist. There are many people who plan out their trips down to the very last detail. However, instead of having a plan worked out wherever they go, what the host of the show Leon Logothetis relies on during his travels is the kindness of others to provide for him, namely with things like food and shelter, without ever accepting their money. Logothetis pays back the kindness he was shown with some form of charitable work like feeding orphans in Costa Rica or building the second floor of a school for underprivileged children in Peru.

Overall, the acts of kindness viewed on the show in some way increase one’s own faith in humanity, making it more comforting knowing there are helpful, kind people all around the world.


Disclaimer: Moving forward, you may call my judgement into question. While shows above comprise of reality shows that are catered to travel, these next two shows do not. But, I promise, if you hear me out, it will all make sense in the end – sort of.

  1. The Crown (I did say ‘hear me out’)…

Is a show that speculates about the effect certain key moments in history had on reigning Queen Elizabeth II and what happened behind closed doors during her queendom. Well, throughout the show, the Queen and members of her family are seen travelling from place to place.  For example, when embarking on the Commonwealth tour, she visits various countries being ruled under the British royal crown like Australia and Ghana. While at times drama does surround the show and its characters during their travels, it is a credit to the budget of this show in how much location enhances the story. Not to mention the iconic Buckingham Palace being the focal location in the show.


  1. Game of Thrones…

Is a show about a gradually dividing kingdom and the various attempts to gain or maintain power in the fight for the throne. Although it is unlikely that you’ll ever get to ride a dragon – here’s hoping – the show does take the audience through various different regions through the world in one can only wish to explore. Or, maybe one can more than just wish. The audience can’t fully understand the dire saying, “Winter is Coming,” without the backdrop of Iceland showcasing the eerie frostiness found at and beyond the Wall. The beautiful beaches of Dorne can’t communicate a perfect paradise untouched by the boorish nature of Westoros without Spain. Basically, even when being swept off your feet by a fantasy, there is somewhere on this earth you’ll be able to travel to and get a little taste of adventure.

Let us know if you have any shows that  have motivated you to travel in the comments below!

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Written by:

Aynari Garcia

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  • Great article! With COVID-19, I have been traveling vicariously through television and movies. My favorite is Diners, Dive-Ins, and Dives due to the great food, great locations, and Guy Fieri’s infectious and light-hearted personality. Can’t wait to read more from Ms. Garcia!

    Natalie Hollander

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