6 Best Kept Secrets in New Orleans

Going to New Orleans is always exciting for people who love history, sightseeing, and having a good time. The French Quarter and Bourbon street are arguably some of the most infamous places to explore in the United States. Local New Orleanians take pride in these great attractions, yet at times try to avoid them and go to places lesser known by tourists. These are the top 6 best kept secrets that all New Orleanians love to go to.

The Fly

Formally known as the Butterfly Riverview Park all locals call it The Fly. Located on the river this location is the best place to have a drink with your friends and watch the riverboats go by. The best time to go is an hour before sunset; the whole vibe of the place is fantastic at this time. To enhance your experience even more make sure you bring a quilt or some sort of blanket to sit down on. Some people bring food too, but you can't go wrong with only bringing a bottle of wine or a six pack of beer. Lastly, bringing a portable speaker can bring everything together perfectly.

View of  The Fly in New Orleans on a sunny day

Tchoup Yard

If you are looking for an escape from Bourbon Street and want a place that has an exceptional environment Tchoup Yard is the place for you. Located on Tchoupitoulas Street it would make sense that the bar would be named after it. This bar is mostly known for its outdoor patio; the atmosphere is superbly decorated with lights hanging across the patio and around the trees giving it a festive look that urges the customer to sit outside. This is a great place to blow off some steam after work or take some friends to hangout.

A beautifully lit night with neon lights at the Tchoup Yard in New Orleans.

Celebration in the Oaks

The Celebration in the Oaks is one of the most phenomenal displays of Christmas and holiday lights in the country. Although this is only available during the winter holidays, it is just another reason to come to New Orleans during the holidays. Once you buy a ticket you are free to roam around the exhibits and explore this holiday oasis. There are a couple exhibits to find while you explore through these lit up oaks. One of the favorites is the reading of a Cajun Night Before Christmas, where you can sit, relax, and listen to the recording of the story being read by someone who has the Cajun accent. Another exciting attraction to go to would be to take a train ride through the park, which will allow you to see more of the park then if you walked the whole thing.

Family and friends taking a stroll at night during Christmas at the Celebration in the Oaks in New Orleans.

Dat Dog

This restaurant serves exactly what you would think…. hot dogs. These gourmet hot dogs are all different types of sausage, ranging from a normal hot dog to an alligator sausage. Because of its delicious food and unique atmosphere this local restaurant has been written about by USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, and other big names. If you don’t already have a smile on your face while you are sitting down and eating the delicious food perhaps the dogs will. This venue is also dog friendly so if you are with the fam can bring your canine companion as well.

Night time view of the Gourmet Hot Dog restaurant, Dat Dog, in New Orleans.

St. Charles Avenue

One of the city’s other notable attractions is the street car. These trolley looking carts travel by rail around different parts of the city. One of the most beautiful parts of the city is St. Charles Avenue which is home to some of the oldest and most expensive houses in the city. While looking out the window underneath the canopy of live oaks this trip is nothing less than magical. Just make sure you bring a couple of dollars in order to board the street car.

Cozy view of the St. Charles Ave Trolley in New Orleans.

Plum Street Snowballs

 Throughout the country these tasty treats are commonly known as snow cones, in New Orleans they are called snowballs. Plum Street Snowballs is a local snowball shop that all locals love to go to. With great service they always greet all of their customers with a big smile as you choose which one of their flavors you want. When it comes to flavors a couple popular choices are cream of ice cream, coffee, lavender, and strawberry shortcake. If you plan going there make sure you get there early, lines can sometimes wrap around the block.

Plum Street Snowballs is a local snowball shop that all locals love to go to in New Orleans

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Written by:

Ben Rosamond


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  • Great article, Ben! NOLA is one of my favorite places to go, & now you’ve given me names of a couple places I’ve yet to try! Next time if you get to name 7 places, don’t forget about Magazine Street for great shopping boutiques & places to eat!! ( although it’s probably no secret!!)

    Jennifer Smith Culotta

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