6 Morning Habits to Improve Your Day

If you are not a morning person, waking up and starting your day can be difficult. As we enter the colder months, the winter blues can start to creep in and get us down. To start your day off right this winter, try these 6 simple steps first thing in the morning to set yourself up for a happier and healthier day. 

cup of water

1. Drink Water

The first thing you should do when you wake up is drink a big ol' glass of H2O. It’s very likely you are living your life dehydrated. When you think about it, that’s a big deal since 60% of you is water. Being dehydrated is directly related to feeling sluggish and fatigued. To start yourself on the right path, make sure hydration is a priority when you wake up and then continue throughout the day. You should be drinking about half a gallon of water per day. To round off this piece of advice, it is important to say, make sure you drink a big glass of water before bed too so your body can have what it needs to heal itself and get the best sleep it can to fuel you for the next day.


2. Meditate

So you have had your water, now what? Now, sit up in a comfortable position and take 5-10 minutes to meditate. Just try and clear your mind and not focus on what you have to do later. This can really improve your day. You can calm your mind and set your intentions. It will stave off anxiety and negative thoughts and give you a boosted mood because of the release of serotonin.


3. Stretch

Now get out of bed and stretch. Reach up to the sky and down to your toes and stretch anything that feel tight. Do you favorite stretches, like twisting side to side or the butterfly. Try to stretch for 5 minutes or as long as you can give yourself time for. This will help you wake up and is good for your mental and physical health. This is an important mood boosting step of your routine. Stretching activates your parasympathetic nervous system and increases blood flow to your muscles. When you stretch endorphins are also released and this will improve your mood and make your body feel good. 

made bed

4. Make Your Bed

Making your bed, even just pulling up the sheets and centering the pillows can improve your day. This gives you a task related accomplishment first thing in the morning. It also allows you to come back to a nice and neat space when you come home from work. This will lower your stress and when you walk into your room and it looks clean. Having a nice made bed will improve your mood rather than lower it right before bed allowing you to get a better sleep.

5. Stand Up Straight 

This may sound a little different but hear me out, if you are mindful about your posture you can significantly improve your mental state for the day. You may consider body language as a way of communicating with others but it is also a way to communicate with yourself, subconsciously. If you are slouching and hunching from the moment you wake up you are fostering low self esteem, sluggishness and negativity which will follow you throughout the day. Instead, try sitting and standing up straight with your shoulders back and chest out while getting ready in the morning. This will foster confidence and power. If you are being mindful of your posture this will subconsciously make you feel better and more prepared for the day ahead. 

6. Wash Your Face

Washing off the dirt and oil from the previous night will help your skin glow and you to feel refreshed and ready to take on the day. Being clean for the day is an important step to feeling like your best self. When you feel good and you feel ready this will improve your mood and allow you to focus on the tasks at hand for the day. Add your regular self care routine to this step, like brushing your teeth, doing your hair, moisturizing etc. 

By the time you are ready for breakfast you will have improved your day immensely before it's even started. You will be mentally and physically ready to take on the toughest days. Your endorphins are high, your confidence is high and your body is healthy and capable of handling the tasks ahead. A big part of this list is accomplishing things which make you feel better and start your day with additional health benefits. If you routinely follow these 6 morning habits it will improve your day and your life. 

What is your morning routine? Do you do any of these in the morning to start your day off right? Let us know in the comments we would love to hear what you do! 

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Best wishes xoxo~ Rachel G

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