Best Tips for a New Traveler

Are you the kind of person who isn’t sure about traveling? If you’re anything like me, then I know you are. It’s nerve-racking leaving the comfort of your own home sometimes, I get it. The familiarity of one’s own bed, let alone one’s neighborhood, is hard to remove yourself from. But in a bit of an effort to do so, here are some tips that’ll help you push yourself to, finally, travel.


Book your flight

First and foremost, you have to get over the hesitation you may be feeling by simply booking a flight whenever you get the urge to do so. Even if you’re unsure or a little scared of thinking about where you want to go at first. You don’t want to chicken out and never book a trip. And yes, even if you think you’ll change your mind about the location, keep that new idea in mind for when you book the next trip.

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Research the desired location

One you’ve chosen a place to go, look into it. Watch travel blogs and get guides to get yourself somewhat familiar with the location you’ve chosen to travel to. It couldn’t hurt to know basic phrases in the official language, too. This will help in acclimating yourself with what you might do while there and feel prepared enough where you know you can get around, but don’t create a plan that is set in stone. Best to keep yourself open to multiple ideas of what you could possibly do, but don’t get carried away with creating a concrete plan as it’s difficult to keep to when you actually get there.


Pack light

I know you think you might need that winter coat even though you’re travelling to Spain in the summer, but you really, really won’t. Pack for the place (and season) you’re going to, not for persistently annoying “what if” questions that urge you to bring that yo-yo you haven’t touched since you were six. I promise, you won’t need it. If worse comes to worse, you can always purchase whatever you need wherever you go.

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Take your time

More often than not, people get caught up with trying to fit in all the main attractions or sites in their 2-3 days trip. It’s honestly okay if you don’t see everything in one city, just make sure you’re making the most of the time you have while you’re there. Not to sound too cliché, but it really is all about the journey. So, give yourself the freedom to enjoy even the little things without overwhelming yourself with 20 main attractions to see in one day. If you feel as though you’ve missed out on something, it’s not like you can’t ever go back during another trip.


Travel by yourself (and let out your Sasha Fierce)

Being in another location gives you the opportunity to really let go of any restraints you would normally have at home. Let this be a time where, even if you do only once, you can really let go and immerse yourself in the local culture, all while having fun and meeting new people. Essentially, be less picky about where you go and about trying new foods, even if it is street food, since cuisine is often a key element to the culture of any given location.

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If you’re a new traveler, let us know if we were able to help! If you’re an experienced traveler, is there anything you would have suggested?

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Written by:

Aynari Garcia

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  • Great article and great tips! I would recommend for young, solo travelers check out hostels in the areas you are staying in! There are a lot of other fellow solo travelers staying in hostels so you can meet new people to explore the surrounding area with. I agree with the tip to take your time. Too often when I am on vacation I find myself attempting to cram every activity into every second, which results in me rushing and missing out on spur of the moment activities! Overall, I loved these tips and Ms. Garcia’s Sasha Fierce-authoring of them :)

    Natalie Hollander

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