Finding the Outdoor Music Festival Right For You

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Ben Rosamond

Looking for a music festival that you would fit right into? Here are some music festivals that include craziness, culture, and great experiences. 

Burning Man 

Bunch of friends at Burning Man Music Festival.

Normally taking place at the end of the summer before labor day; this festival is located in Reno, Nevada. This festival prides itself on inclusion and expression. When it comes to a lineup of musicians is where this festival is different. Instead of creating a lineup they encourage festival goers to perform. Because 70,000 people attend every year it is easy to find something you enjoy. If you think of yourself as free spirit and very open minded it won't be a bad idea to give this festival a look. 

Personality Type: Most commonly referred to as Burners (hence the name) you can mostly find some pretty hip people here. Whether it is burning money, time, skin, or that little green plant; you are here to burn something. 


Dj overlooking the massive crowd (pre covid) at Lollapolooza in New York City.

Catering to over 200,000 attendees every year this 4 day festival normally has people from all over the country attending. This festival normally contains many well-known names in music. Although it was cancelled due to covid back in 2020; big names such as Alabama Shakes, Arcade Fire, and Ellie Goulding were all supposed to perform. Because this festival has so many attendees and a large variety of music it is pretty easy to find a niche that you can fit into pretty well. The variety of choice allows for first time festival goers to easily find somewhere to fit in. 

Personality type: You came here with your fraternity brothers didn't you? Yeah you are definitely the Frat Guy. “Yoooo sick jersey Raptors jersey!!!” You most likely begged your parents to lend you some money for the weekend saying it was for another one of your fraternity shirts.  

Jazz Fest

Bunch of friends entering Jazz Fest

If you are looking for an excuse to go to New Orleans, this is it! This family friendly festival will give you a  taste of the New Orleans culture. Of course the music is one of the biggest attractions, but one just as big are the vendors. Selling everything from funnel cakes, crawfish beignets, and jambalaya. You are able to please your ears from the music and your taste buds from the delicious food. This festival gives you the opportunity to travel to New Orleans and experience the city's culture and people. If you are looking for a festival to bring your family this is the one. 

Personality Type: Face it you're an Old Person now, but you want to feel the nostalgia of going to a music festival. You put on your trusty hat, your white new balance shoes, check your pockets, and you are out the door. 


Overlooking view of ACL in Austin, Texas

Held in the heart of Austin, ACL is a musical festival held at Zilker park which overlooks the beautiful Austin city skyline. This music festival doesn't necessarily cater to one specific group of singers, but it does attract a lot of high value artists. In fact it usually is really hard to get a ticket because of how fast they sell out. The University of Texas and the whole young vibe of Austin itself easily attracts a younger crowd to the festival.

Personality type: You are literally a Plant! Before you eat anything you want to make sure that it is organic. If you had a choice of eating pistachios, cashews, and almonds or an organic donut; you would choose the donut solely because of the prized word in front of that unhealthy snack….”organic”. 

Hangout Music Fest 

Beautiful night sky view of Hangout music festival in North Florida.

If you are from the coast or the south there is a very high chance you or one of your friends have gone to Hangout Fest. This festival takes place in Gulf Shores. So naturally, the main attraction of this festival is the beach. With that being said, attendees that normally attend this festival are mostly younger folks. The lineup from 2020 included big names like Post Malone, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and Billie Eilish. If you are a young beach bum looking to get your toes sandy this is the place for you.

Personality type: You have already mentioned subtly and blatantly that you need to take a picture in front of the logo; you are the Photo Op Girl. Although, the music and the beach is a plus, you are really just here to have your friends comment on your 5 picture long instagram post.


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