Hobbies That Can Lead to Exciting Jobs

Like most people, a typical day consists of waking up in the morning, going to work, coming back and doing it all over again. When we have free time we like to fill it with our hobbies. Now, most people have hobbies they just do for fun or to pass the time. But what if I told you that there are some hobbies that can guide you to a fun and adventurous job.

Wind Turbine Technician

Wind turbine technician

Is rock climbing your hobby? If you wish to climb for a living you may want to look into becoming a wind turbine technician. With green energy on the rise throughout the country, this job has been seeing massive growth. Because wind farms are found all across the United States, there is a guarantee that you will find yourself traveling from one farm to another. Becoming certified only takes about 6 months and then you can find a job in this promising and exciting field.

Salvage Diver

Salvage Scuba Diver 

Scuba diving may just be that one fun activity you did back on vacation. Or perhaps you enjoy spearfishing in the gulf. Some divers may even do what they do because it eases their stress. However, salvage divers get to enjoy this pleasure more than most. Opportunities in this field are actually quite vast. Divers can find themselves in different types of salvage jobs, all of them quite unique. Some might find a gig recovering a historical artifact from a sunken ship from hundreds of years ago. Other opportunities in this field can require a diver to recover hazardous material from a shipwreck. Although a lot of divers come from the Navy there are plenty of opportunities in the private sector as well.  

Travel Photographer

Female travel photographer on a mountain at sunset

Photography is something that we are all familiar with because everybody has access to a camera on their phones. So, in a sense, we are all amateur photographers. But, on the other hand if all of us are photographers then none of us are. To those who invest in a nice camera, lens, and even have their own dark room; photography is life. This hobby can easily lead you on an interesting  journey to new places to capture the magnificent world. Obviously, not everyone can be a National Geographic photographer, but opportunities lie elsewhere. Social media can easily give any aspiring freelancer the opportunity to live off of their hobby and allow them to travel at the same time.

Park Ranger

Smiling park ranger exploring the mountains

People who have a love for the outdoors and find themselves always trying to find the next trail to hike should look into becoming a park ranger. It is very normal for park rangers to live in the park to ensure they have little to no commute to their outdoor paradise. The duties of a park ranger can be a couple of different jobs. The one that is most known to the public is that they are the enforcers of the park meaning that they can conduct investigations and arrest people. They also participate in search and rescue missions which can be very rewarding. Other jobs include educational opportunities, like giving private tours, giving speeches at schools, and studying wildlife behavior. The easiest way to become a park ranger is to get in contact with one of the national parks.

Food truck owner

Food truck at local market

Picture yourself at a music festival with three of your closest friends in the summer. You are hot having, sweat running down the side of your face looking for something to drink and something to eat. You see booths here and there offering merchandise promoting the festival. You tell yourself that you would come back and buy something, but you never do. You finally come up to the food but notice that they are all food trucks and each one has its own type of food. As you look down you see your typical American food, then you see Mexican food, and you even see a pizza truck. Those who want to make their hobby of cooking a job should give starting or joining a food truck some thought. If you enjoy attending festivals, parties and other venues where you get to showcase your favorite hobby this job may be for you.

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Ben Rosamond

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