How to Travel Along & Leave Your Worries at Home!

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Dylan Britton

Interested in embarking on a sole travel to somewhere new but are worried about traveling alone? We get it, traveling by yourself to a foreign place can definitely be intimidating! We’ve compiled some simple tips and suggestions to help you put the worries aside and focus on the fun! Read on to find out how!

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What to do when Planning

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind during the planning process of your next adventure if you’re thinking of thinking alone!

  • Research Your Destination!: Almost every aspect of planning is determined by your final destination. Make sure to do some research into where you’ll be staying, what you’ll be doing, and how you’re going to get there; and of course, make sure to ease your mind by making sure your destination is relatively safe!

  • Duplicates those Documents!: Traveling abroad? Make sure to make copies of those crucial documents needed while traveling! Along with your original issues, make sure to bring a duplicate or two along, too! These documents include a government ID, passport, issuance cards, directions to your nearest embassy, plane tickets, and your hotel reservations!
  • Pro Tip! Keep digital copies on your phone, just in case :)

    • Pack Smart!: We totally understand hacking can be stressful, so here are some simple ideas on what to pack and what not to bring regarding personal safety.

    Do Bring essential documents, a map of the city/places you’ll be visiting, and locks for your luggage

    Don’t Bring flashy jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, and rings or expensive valuables like commuters, tablets, or sentimental items

  • Keep your Family in the Loop!: This one is super simple, just make sure some close friends and/or family members know the basic, yet crucial, information about your trip such as flight times/destinations, hotel information & what activities you’ll do while you’re there!

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    What to do While on your Trip!

    Here are some suggestions to keep in mind while traveling so you can enjoy the most out of the adventure while worrying minimally about safety!

  • Check the Room: before unpacking for your stay, make sure to do a thorough look-through of your hotel/hostel room. Don’t just look for the usual worries of bugs or dirt, but for things that impact your safety like the door’s locks and window coverings.

  • Backpack Do’s and Don'ts: traveling with a backpack is the most practical way to venture around a new place, but be wary of those sneaky pick pocketers! If you choose to use a backpack, make sure to keep those essential documents we talked about above separate from your money and/or credit cards.
  • Pro Tip! Stuff those items deep into your backpack or opt for the less

    fashionable, but just as handy, fanny pack for a travel bag!

    • Be Involved, but Don’t be Flashy: Becoming immersed in the culture and community of the new places you’re traveling too is a really great way to expand your horizons, but just as importantly be smart about it. Clothing can be a big factor. Traveling to somewhere with more modest values? Try packing clothes similar to what would be worn there. Overall, just make sure to respect the values of those around you because after all, you’re the visitor!

  • Smart Social Media: social media is a handy tool in the 21st century, but it can also be detrimental to your safety while on your trip. We love to tell our friends about where we’re going, but posting you’re leaving for a while could make your home a target to looters (leave on a light to combat this). We also love showing our friends what we’re doing on our adventures (and we hope you’ll share them with us too!), but postpone posting them until you get back!

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    We hope you find these tips and tricks beneficial and implement them while planning your next travels! Make sure to follow us on social media (and don’t be scared to tag us in the photos of your adventures, too!)

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