Outdoor Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and this year why not ditch the fancy dinner and trade it in for a romantic and fun day outside! Whether you live in warm or cold climates, we have a few date ideas for couples who love outdoor adventures. 

lovely couple overlooking a beautiful mountain view on a mid spring day.

Themed Picnic 

Picnics always tend to be the first idea that comes to mind when you think of an outdoor date, but why not spice it up for Valentine’s Day. Add a fun theme to make the date exciting. One of my favorite themes is “around-the-world”. Pack up a Greek inspired hummus and pita platter, Mexican taco salad, German potato salad, or Italian cannolis to make it feel as if you’re traveling the world without leaving your picnic blanket! 

happy couple enjoying a picnic on a warm spring day

Take a Hike 

Hiking is a great opinion for both people in warm and cold climates! Hikes are the perfect date for active couples! Find a trail with some breathtaking views or maybe a more challenging trail with climbing and crouching. Pack a hammock to set up for a much needed break along the way. Getting some quality time and escaping into nature will be sure to make your Valentine’s day romantic. 

Happy couple hiking through the mountains on a warm summer day

Glamp it Up

For the couple that likes the outdoors, but likes the comfort of indoors, glamping is for you! The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to glamping. Between huts, yurts, treehouses, airstream trailers, canvas tents, and hobbit holes, there’s something for everyone. Head to websites, such as Airbnb to find your perfect glamping getaway.

Glamping campsite for any couple to enjoy

Get “Boo’d Up” by a Bonfire

Swap out the candle-lit dinner for fireside romance. What could be better than snuggling up by the fire and stargazing all night? You can’t forget to pack some s'mores supplies. Add twist to this a bonfire staple by switching out the graham crackers for cookies. Or maybe add some candy like Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. 

Loving couple roasting marshmallows over a campfire on a warm summer night

Bring Your Loverto the Water 

For those in warmer areas, there are plenty of fun date ideas to do that involve water. Do some research and pick out a new lake to explore. Head out on a kayak, canoe, paddle boat or paddle board and drift off into love. Pack a cooler with water to keep you hydrated while you're out on the water. This is also a great choice for those active couples. Nothing says teamwork more than a tandem kayak! 

Happy couple preparing the kayak to hit the lake for a day in the sun

Take a Romantic Ride 

Grab your bikes and take your relationship for a ride! Ride to your favorite beach, lake, trail, ice-cream spot, or boardwalk. If you’re biking away from home, don’t forget to bring a bag and pack some water and snacks! For those of you in cities that cannot get out to nature, play tourist for a day! Bike to some of the “must-see” spots in your area. 

Happy couple taking a rest stop after a long day of mountain biking

Smitten in the Snow  

For those in colder areas, playing in the snow will definitely make your Valentine’s Day memorable. Try skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating. Or bring out your inner child and have fun sledding or tubing with your significant other. One of the most important things to remember with outdoor winter dates is to bring a thermos of hot chocolate to keep you warm. Trust me, your date will thank you. 

Happy couple enjoying a moment to themselves after a long day of skiing and snowboarding 

Cancel those reservations and clichés, take your partner by the hand and head out into nature because there is no better way to spend time with your favorite person than by experiencing something new in the great outdoors! 

Have a romantic date idea I didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments we would love to hear what you think!  

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Written by:

Holly Reznik

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