Snacks and Meals That Will Help You Travel Cheaply

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Ben Rosamond

  It doesn't matter where you travel to, the first thing you are most likely going to do is go to Yelp and look for the restaurant with the best reviews. After finishing your meal you receive the check, and your heart drops when you see the price. Here are some snacks and meals that can help you save money.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter in a dish

Starting off, this snack is something that all people have grown-up with, Peanut Butter. This versatile spread can be used in so many different types of ways. The easiest way to have this snack is by the spoonful. A normal serving of this is two tablespoons, which is filled with many beneficial vitamins and protein. Of course there are other ways to have this snack. Other ways include buying Ritz Crackers and making your own peanut butter crackers. Peanut butter can even act as a meal because of how filling they are.

Trail mix

Bowl of trailmix with m&m's in it

If you are an avid outdoors person there is no doubt that you might have brought trail mix for a nice healthy snack. It’s always nice to sit down and eat something that satisfies your sweet and salty cravings. The cool thing about trail mix, is that of how versatile of a snack it really is. Yes, you can always buy it in a store, and you may even see it in the check out line as you are getting your groceries. This snack can be a lot more satisfying if you make it yourself. You do not only save money but you get to add whatever you want to it. To list off a few ideas you can add flax seeds, chocolate, dried fruit, and nuts.


A hearty burrito full of green veggies and protein

This Hispanic cuisine is a great way to spend less if you have access to a stove or hot surface. From personal experience, I have gone on morning trail rides to watch the sunrise while we sip our coffee and eat the burritos that were made over the fire. Just picture yourself sitting down next to your travel buddies. The sun is rising, the ground is wet from the dew, and your nose is filled with the scent of smoke, burritos, and some pungent odor coming from the woods a little ways away. After taking a bite of the burrito nothing tastes better because you haven’t eaten since last night. Everyone has their preferences when it comes to burritos, but just don’tforget about the guacamole.


Crackers on a charcuterie board

Similar to eating a burrito, crackers taste best if you actually put something on it. Having grown up with Lunchables; I consider myself at an advantage to people that skipped out on it. As stated earlier, eating crackers and peanut butter is very tasty, but I am going to give you more ideas. The first idea is cream cheese and salmon, and some may consider this to be the adult version of a Lunchables meal. The addition of salmon, cream cheese, and crackers make this simple snack turn into a hardy meal. You may only think of dips to be a small party appetizer, but an assortment of dips can be very healthy and filling. Do not ever overlook spinach dip or even chicken salad. These can work miracles on the road and turn your lunch into something so very tasty.

To-go Salad

Premade salads in a glass jar perfect for a road trip

Like the last few snacks and meals that were discussed, bringing and pre packing salads is fantastic. The best part about eating this is that it is all in one place and ready to eat. If you are in a rush you don’t have to worry because your salad is contained in either a mason jar or Tupperware. Lastly, like the rest of the food that was brought up, salads are also very versatile in what you can put in them.  

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