Tour Guides vs. Winging It

When it comes to travelling, there are a few ways you can go about doing it. Some people really love to have everything planned out ahead of time. Others would rather plan as far as booking a flight then land at their destination and figure it out as they go. Below are some of the advantages to either having tour guides or simply winging it.

Tour Guides

Tour guides already have so much knowledge of your location, which can add value to your overall trip. In every space you enter, you will have the upbeat energy from your tour guide to take you along and share information with you that you might not already have known. Your guide will highlight the best aspects of each site you’re seeing, essentially highlighting the best aspects of your destination overall.

World map with a satchel and compass

There are multiple versions of guided tours available that can placate your own interests, or even encourage you to try something you never have before. For example, on the British Tours website, there are multiple options of tours available to you, whether it be a tour focused on tracking your ancestry or a tour focused on Harry Potter attraction sites. In this regard, there is a certain level of flexibility when traveling with a tour guide. In the planning stage, you will have the opportunity to find a tour that is right for you.

If it were me, I would probably be doing nothing if I didn’t have a tour guide. Being outside the comfort of my home can be very overwhelming at times, especially if I’m on my own. So overwhelming that I will psych myself out of exploring at all. For those like me, having a tour guide will help ground you in the decision where you have to venture outside of your comfort zone and truly explore the area on your trip.


Winging it

Making zero plans has given you the opportunity to trust yourself more being that you, and only you, are providing yourself with the essentials along the duration of your trip. You have all the power in crafting the best experience you can have as you go along.

If you value flexibility, or even desire to never plan for your trip other than booking a ticket, then a tour guide may not be the best option for you. You value spontaneity and don’t want to be tied to a set plan. Others, like me, may get too anxious for not knowing what to do next, but that sort of thing doesn’t bother you. Instead, the not knowing fuels your motivation to continue building your trip.

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Tour guides already have so much knowledge of your location, which can subtract value to your overall trip if you’re spontaneous. You’d likely want to enter a new location with little knowledge so you can learn about the culture and food on your own the more you explore.

The method in which you travel is probably the most personal aspect of any trip as it reflects you who are. So, my recommendation for anyone unsure of which form of travelling they should undertake would be to apply as much or as little planning as you are comfortable with on your trip.

Let us know your preferred method of travelling!

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Aynari Garcia

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