Unique & Effortless Ways to Save Money for Your Next Trip

Are you ready to travel and eager to begin planning, but you’re worried about the financial aspect? Saving for an exciting tip shouldn’t be stressful! Check out these simple, hassle-free ways to start planning for your next adventure today!

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  • Set Small Goals!
  • Let’s be honest, financial planning and saving money can become a complicated and stressful process, so instead set small goals. Start by determining your overall saving aims, then set smaller benchmarks. Traveling with friends? Make it a competition, too, by seeing who can reach their savings goals first! Remember to reward yourself for meeting your goals and hitting new milestones!

  • Open a Savings Account
  • This method of saving money is so simple, most people overlook it! If you don’t already have one, reach out to your local bank to open a savings account to have a designated spot to secure your trip’s funds.

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  • Save the Change!
  • Pulling away from a drive through restaurant and tempted to throw the change into the console of your car? Don’t! Instead, grab a jar! This tried and true strategy is as old as coins themselves, but nonetheless effective. After a cash purchase, simply save the change, and after time they’ll add up. For an added bonus: pay in cash more often, so you have more spare change to save!


  • Pass the Fives!
  • Keeping on the mindset of paying with cash and saving the change, try this method dubbed “Pass the Fives”! Along with just saving your spare coins, each time you come in contact with a five dollar bill, set it aside for your next adventure! This can even be done with the more common $1 Bill for quicker savings or the less common $10 dollar bill to save more at the similar rate of the fives. 


  • The Envelope Method
  • The next method gets a little creative. Take 50 plain envelopes and number them one through fifty. On a regular basis: mix up the envelopes, choose one randomly, and put the amount of money listed on the front into the envelope. After filling each of the fifty envelopes, you will have saved $1,275! It can also be done with 100 envelopes to save a little over $5,000 or take a 31 Day Challenge to save $500 in a month’s worth of envelopes. This technique is extremely flexible, allowing you to deposit money whenever you feel comfortable. For example you could choose a new envelope every pay day (yay!) or even multiple times a week. It can be adjusted to fit the time until your trip, too! Spread out the envelopes for a longer savings period or draw more closely for a speedy savings!

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  • Pack your Lunch!
  • Tempted to hit the drive-thru on your lunch break at work? Next time, try packing your lunch at home to save a few bucks! Eating out consistently adds up quickly, so instead bring your meal from home. While this one requires the most effort of the savings methods listed above, it will definitely pay off well in the end!

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    After these unique and super simple ways to save, we hope planning for your next trip will be easier and exciting! 

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    Happy Travels - Dylan

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