Ways to have a COVID-Safe Spring Break!

If you’re a college student, you’ve probably heard all about those wild spring break trips! Truly a staple of the American college experience, most students can’t wait for that long needed break from their studies, but the worldwide pandemic has made it even more of a challenge. Check out these ways to have a COVID-safe spring break!

Young woman hanging out of a car window on a roadtrip through the mountains
  • Visit Our National Parks!
  • Since its creation in 1916, the US National Park Service has designated 62 areas around the nation as a National Park. From the popular Yellowstone and Yosemite of Wyoming and California to the lesser known Wind Cave and White Sands in South Dakota and New Mexico, almost every US state and territory has beautiful, untouched natural scenery ready to be explored. Worried about traveling during the pandemic? No worries! The National Park Service (NPS) has protected over 52 Million acres of parks (perfect for social distancing). Don’t fret if you live in a state without a national park, just check out the rest of the blog below!

    For more information about the US National Park Service and how to get more in touch with our nation’s protected land, check out their super neat guide to our parks, here.

    Yellow stone national park on a warm spring day
  • Check out your State Parks!
  • Not close to a national park or your state just doesn’t have one? Make sure to check out your local state parks! Oftentimes lesser known and not as frequently spotlighted, every US state has designated parks whose sights are just as beautiful and have an even exciting adventure in store. Living in Missouri (where I’m from), we don't have any nationally recognized parks, but we do have 80 state parks! Compared to the 62 National Parks, there are a surprising 3,729 State Parks around the nation. During a global pandemic, it’s pretty awesome to have a brand new adventure right in your backyard!

    Interested in learning about visiting your local state parks? Make sure to check out Outdoorsy’s guide to state parks, here!

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  • Check out of the City & into a Campsite
  • While traveling to the beach or heading downtown to a party can be detrimental to public safety, leave the urban city behind and spend your weekend with nature! Camping not only furthers your connection with nature while spending time with friends and family, but also is a great way to stay conscious of public health guidelines while planning your newest travels! With an estimated four thousand campsites nationwide, there are plenty of places to travel, stay, and play all while keeping safety in mind!

    Interested in camping but just don’t know where to begin planning? Gear Hub is here to help! Specializing in destination preparation, check out the Contact Us page to have your questions answered!

    Whatever you do during this year’s spring break, make sure to follow public health and safety guidelines wherever you may travel! New to traveling in general and need help with some preparation? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

    Happy & Safe Travels!

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    Dylan Britton

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