About Us

Mission Statement: To help fellow travelers prepare for their adventures. Gear Hub does that by connecting backpackers, road trippers and nomads alike with the gear they need to make their travels a success! On our platform, we strive to provide quality equipment that prepares you for your destination.

Core Values: 

  • Respect: We will treat our customers with courtesy, politeness and kindness. 
  • Quality: We take pride in providing high value products that we stand behind, to ensure customer satisfaction and the future of our employees and growth. 
  • Communication: We will strive to listen to understand, respond in ways that add value and solve problems that may arise. 
  • Integrity: We will ensure honesty and fairness in all our actions. We will always strive do the right thing.


A message from Founder and CEO, Marissa Hansbrough:

Hello fellow travelers! I want to extend a warm welcome to all who visit Gear Hub! I have always loved exploring new places and have personally been to 28 countries (and counting!), solo backpacking through most of them. Since my first lemonade stand at five years old, I have  always dreamed of owning a business. Combining my love of travel and my desire to build my own business, Gear Hub was born. People describe me as adventurous, motivated and fun-loving; traits I hope to embody in this next chapter of my life. Thank you for joining along for the ride!